Europa Casino – bitcoin casino of European level

The reputation of a casino is not just a big word. These are big fees, high stakes, professional players from all over the world, sponsors and play on the brink. Online casino Europa Casino for several years is considered the most popular “institution” for venerable players who love the risk and know what they want. Casino Europa has a number of advantages that allow it to stay at the top of the line. This is a huge number of games of unsurpassed quality, and a serious bonus system, and a qualified customer support service, and an attractive appearance of the platform itself, favorably allocating Europe in online gaming for money.

Safety first

Undoubtedly, the “pluses” of this casino can safely be attributed to the rules and rules that are strictly observed in the casino, guaranteeing an honest and safe game. Casino owners care about their reputation, so they took measures to ensure the confidentiality of personal information about the players, the transparency of the results of each game, the certification of companies of an independent type.

Such security measures are not an empty sound, they give players the opportunity to relax without thinking constantly about where their money can go, or about the fact that a player in a casino can be a frontman. They can just relax and enjoy their favorite activities.

Bonus promotions

Another undoubted “plus” online casino Europe – constantly held bonus promotions. Players who decide to try their hand at Europa Casino immediately receive a gift – the so-called “welcome bonus”, the amount of which is 2400 euros. This bonus is accrued gradually, within one year. “Minus” of such a bonus – you need to constantly play, and the more often, the better.

Once a week, the casino holds promotions, during which all registered players receive gifts, cash refunds, additional funds to the account and so on.
Standard, but from this no less attractive and efficient way, which allows you to get additional funds to your account – the “bring friends” action. For each registered friend the player receives small “bonus” on his personal account.

Overview of Casino Europa Casino

Variety of games

What else can become a “magnet” for the players? What is so important in online casinos for each of us? The answer to both these questions is simple: diversity. This number of different games will not offer you any more online casinos: slot machines, poker, roulette, blackjack and even more than three hundred games for every taste.

A small “minus” of this variety is that the range of offered games is systematically updated, and players must perform the installation of updates themselves. The function of automatic updating, unfortunately, is not provided.

Not so long ago, three new items appeared on the resource, which on the first day soared to the peak of popularity among players: Kong Scratch (mini lottery using scratch cards), Incredible Hulk and Iron Man II (fifty-slot slots).

To not just “burn” time for the game, but also give a good load to the brain, players can look into the sections with Live-games or TV-games with experienced croupier professionals.

Overview of Casino Europa Casino

The chance to become a millionaire

A huge “plus” for those who did not give up hope of becoming a millionaire is 19 games, the jackpot of each of which exceeds seven-figure amounts in euros or dollars.

Most online casino players in Europe do not live by the expectation of millions of dollars, as they have the opportunity to receive several tens of thousands of euros (dollars) per day. All that is needed is desire, skill and real money. All bets are credited to the account during the game. This is an excellent function that allows you to confirm and consolidate your skills, to confirm your reputation. But it can be considered a “minus”, because in case of failure, you will lose quite real money.


Reputation Casino Europa Casino evolved over a long period of time, for which the casino has proved to be the best. The abundance of “pluses” and “minuses” suggests that Europa Casino does not stand still, but is constantly evolving, trying to make the game as comfortable, exciting and interesting as possible.

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